Spain - Number One Country in Travel & Tourism Competitiveness

I read a piece of news that made my day - Spain is the number one country in Travel and Tourism competitiveness according to the World Economic Forum. This means that Spain is the most attractive country in the world for tourists. Honestly for me this is no wonder, I just think that it is a pity that prestigious third parties need to publish such studies in order for us to believe this is a fact.

Spain is country full of contrasts - sun, snow, gastronomy, history, traditions, museums, diversity, design vanguard... not to mention an excellent education and health care services. Spain is a country that you need to live and experience in order to realise how much it has to offer. 

It has never been made an effort to project the image that Spain deserves and this is the reason why many people only realise that Spain exists once they have run out of more famous countries to visit. This is also the reason why many tourists only visit Mallorca or Barcelona in search of sun and beaches... but miss out on magnificent places like Salamanca, Sevilla, Granada, Lanzarote or Santiago de Compostela, to only mention a few. It is also the reason why some people ask me if it ever rains in Madrid, or are surprised to find out that Spanish people know how to ski (Spain being the second-highest country in Europe -after Switzerland- with an average elevation of 660m)... 

I am truly happy when I read such news, which show the great country that Spain is and also that many people are discovering its charm, like this study shows. 

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