Drive Now

Having a car in the city is not always the best option - worrying about where to park, insurances, technical inspections, ... But what about when you want to do a day trip, go shopping to an outlet or simply get around more comfortably and faster than with public transport? 
I have found the perfect solution for this: Drive Now: the BMW car sharing program. You can register to become a member (you only need to have a debit/credit card and your driver's license) and then you can rent BMW cars that are parked all over the city. For now it is available in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf and San Francisco. 

You can book the cars on a minute-basis for short city trips, hour-packs for day trips, or other offers for different occasions (getting to/from the airport, business trips, etc.). You do not need to worry about the gas or cleaning costs, as this is all included in the price. 
You simply download the app, find the car closest to you and enjoy the drive!