Valencia and Holy Week Processions

Today I continue with my Easter holidays. After Barcelona I did a little road trip to the east coast of Spain, visiting the city of Valencia as my last stop.

The weather was lovely and some people on the beach were brave enough to go into the water! This was not my case but I was happy to enjoy long strolls along the shore and delicious paella.


Paella Valenciana

One of my favourite traditions in Spain are the Holy Week Processions. They are remember and recreate the passion of Jesus Christ and are performed throughout the different days of the Wholy Week.

All over Spain the processions are different and unique. My heart goes out to the processions performed in Salamanca, where the Semana Santa was declared Fiesta of International Tourist Interest. I have seen these various years but this time I enjoyed the ones in Valencia, which were beautiful and with a touch of the seaside charm.   

My outfits for these days have been basically composed of jeans, loafers, shirts or polos and, when it got a bit colder in the evenings an overshirt.
And of course my new Longchamp backpack!

I hope you also enjoyed some nice Easter days! Now it's time to go back home!