Weekend in the Alps

This weekend was absolutely magical. I spent it with some friends in the lovely little Tyrolean town of Stumm, which is approximately two hours away from Munich. 

It is a great place for winter sports, hiking in the summer, or simply enjoying some rural and natural days away from the busy city.  Plus, the weather was wonderful and we could enjoy every minute of this mini vacation.  

A friend who has a house there greeted the rest of us with a prosecco appetizer followed by a Bavarian breakfast: weißwurst und brezen (it is traditionally only served in restaurants before 12 pm!)

Then we used the day to go skiing in the Hochzillertal, one of my favourite places to go skiing in Austria. The facilities are great and very modern, it was one of the most splendid skiing days of this season:

At night she had another surprise prepared for us (she is truly a great host). We went for dinner to the Landgasthof Linde, a local family-owned hotel. The restaurant is a MUST if you are in the area. The food is incredible (this was no surprise for me because I had already been in the restaurant before) and the service is great. So not only did we enjoy a great dinner, but the surprise that she had prepared for us was live Austrian Music (very similar to Bavarian) played by a good friend of hers!

The next day we said goodbye after stopping for a coffee in Tegernsee. It was a pity that the weather was not so nice and we could not go for a walk.

So we all headed home enjoying the nice view along the way.

One of the things that I love about Bavaria is how easy it is to escape from the city and get lost in a beautiful winter wonderland until you decide it is time to go back home. We definitely recharged our batteries and are now ready to take on the week!