Happy Valentines Day ♥

Some people say that Valentine's Day is just another commercial hype to make us spend more. Others idealize this day and show off their love so that the whole world knows how happy they are. I personally believe that, although each person may interpret Vday in their own way, today should be no different than any other day. Love, respect and affection are shown through the everyday actions. Everyday you should be thankful to have the people that you love in your life, and today is no different. 

For those of you that who found your better half - go and enjoy this day with a special dinner, romantic weekend trip or simply enjoying the kind actions that for sure he/she has prepared for you. And if you have not found that one special person yet do not hide out until all the focus on lovers fades, go out and make fun plans with your single friends, you never know when love will knock on your door! 

Sending you a big kiss and all my love from Munich <3