Frankfurt am Main

This city, in general, does not have a good reputation. When I told my friends that I had a business trip to Frankfurt the reaction that I got was an I-hope-it's-not-a-long-trip-expression and the first comment was "be careful around the central station". So I must admit that I was not very excited about this trip. But that only lasted until I got out of the train and into the taxi. 
I arrived at night and the buildings and skyscrapers were light up. I could see why it is the financial center of Germany and Europe - the first symbols in the buildings that you notice are the Deutsche Bank or the Commerzbank, and it is home to the ECB and the Börse Frankfurt (the Stock Exchange of Frankfurt). Although not very big (compared to cities like Madrid, New York or London) the skyline was a nice view at night.   
I must admit that the streets were pretty empty, but knowing that this is a mostly business area I was not surprised. So I decided to stay in the hotel and relax.

And things got even better: I was staying at the Westin Grand, a hotel that I would recommend 100% to anyone visiting the city. The room was spacious, with many little details to make your stay more welcoming.  



I discovered that there was a nice pool on the last floor, so I went for a relaxing swim and sauna session every night before bed.


And after the long trip I deserved a little treat, and I loved having my dessert while watching Spanish television, they have many international channels!

Frankfurt has a population of about 690.000 people, so it is reasonable to think that the important areas must be close together. The area were my hotel was looked pretty nice, so I did a little research to see how far away the Börse was from me and, luckily, it was only a 10 minute walk! So I decided to get up a little earlier and go for a morning walk to take a picture of the famous Stier und Bär (Bull and Bear) in front of the Stock Exchange.

Stier und Bär vor der Frankfurter Börse

The walk along the main street had very nice places:


And one of my favourite views: a beautiful, big Zara store in the main shopping street. It's a pity that it was not open!


After the walk I had more energy to work hard and the good thing was that the weekend was right around the corner! That's the good part of business trips at the end of the week. Have a nice Thursday and Friday and I will write soon when I'm back in Munich!