Fondue Saturday

When you hear "Swiss fondue" on a cold, winter day you immediately feel like it, right? Well this is actually possible in Munich without having to go all the way to Switzerland. 

The place is called Gärtnerplatz Alm and it is in a very central location. I had dinner there with some friends tonight and we really like it. 


It is a lot of fun (specially when you follow the tradition of having to drink one schnapp whenever you drop a bread piece inside the caquelon) and an original way to have dinner.

For the evening I chose to wear my Zara necklace and maroon bag, the short sleeved sweater is also from Zara (it was a good idea to wear it because it was very warm in the restaurant!), my leather leggings from El Corte Inglés and my tailor-made boots from Saint John Shoes.   

Close-up of my Zara necklace


  1. Hola, qué buena pinta tiene esa fondue! Me apunto el sitio para probarlo algún día de frío de los pocos que quedan este año.


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