Monday, January 6, 2014

Three Wise Men

The Day of the Three Wise Men (los Tres Reyes Magos) is a very important day in Spain and it is part of the Christmas holidays. It is on this day that all the little kids wake up specially early and with much excitement run to see what presents los Tres Reyes Magos left next to their shoe. 

In Munich, as it turns out, this tradition is a little different. This day is also a Feiertag, or holiday, but it is not celebrated with presents, since these were already brought to the children by the Christkind on Christmas Eve. In Munich, the Heilige Drei Könige (the Three Wise Men in German) walk around the neighborhoods singing songs and blessing the houses.

Both wonderful traditions that commemorate the arrival of the Three Wise Men from the Orient to cherish Jesus' birth with gold, incense and myrrh. 

This beautiful poem was written by a great poet called Rubén Darío who marked significantly the Spanish 20th century literature (advanced Spanish speakers only!). Enjoy.

-Yo soy Gaspar. Aquí traigo el incienso.
Vengo a decir: La vida es pura y bella. 

Existe Dios. El amor es inmenso.
¡Todo lo sé por la divina Estrella!

-Yo soy Melchor. Mi mirra aroma todo.
Existe Dios. Él es la luz del día.
La blanca flor tiene sus pies en lodo
¡Y en el placer hay la melancolía!

-Soy Baltasar. Traigo el oro. Aseguro
que existe Dios. Él es el grande y fuerte.
Todo lo sé por el lucero puro
que brilla en la diadema de la Muerte.

-Gaspar, Melchor y Baltasar, callaos.
Triunfa el amor y a su fiesta os convida.
¡Cristo resurge, hace la luz del caos
Y tiene la corona de la Vida!

-Rubén Darío, 1905-

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