Skiing Day at Steinplatte

This winter, it has not yet snowed much in Munich but if you want to be in big snowy fields and mountains all you have to do is drive one and a half hours and you will find yourself in great skiing areas. 

To open the skiing season I decided to go to Steinplatte which is very convenient because it is relatively close to Munich and there are different skiing passes and you can choose how big you want the area where you can ski to be. There is an area that is ideal for beginners with flat, wide skiing slopes and also a bigger area that includes all types of slopes. Fun fact: the resort is located in the border of Germany and Austria, so you are changing countries every time you go down a different slope!

The most important thing when planning a trip in the mountains is to be prepared for everything: warm clothes, sunglasses, water and snacks, charged cell phone, sun block for the face, a good protective lip balm and my latest must-have for cold days - hand warmers!

The ride to the ski resort was already so beautiful:

Catching snow flakes on the chair lift!
And although the sun did not come out completely and every now and then it was snowing a little, it was a perfect skiing day and lots of fun.


I have to say that, most of the times, the food in the ski resorts are not very good. In fact, if the weather allows, I recommend taking your own sandwiches and snacks and eating it outside sitting in the Biergarten, which is usually allowed as long as you order the drinks from the restaurant that caters it. However, when it is snow and cloudy you really need to go inside the restaurant and warm up while you take a break from the cold. 
So he only option is to look for the best restaurant in the area. In Steinplatte I recommend that you go to the Stallenalm. It is a lovely winter cottage with a fire place and with nice food and waiters, unlike the rest of the restaurants in the area which are expensive, self-service and the food leaves much to be desired.