Mandarin Oriental

Yesterday was a very fun day. It all started because I wanted to buy some skiing apparel (I am planning on going skiing very soon!) and decided to go to the city for lunch with friends. 

During the winter time, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Munich has a cottage on the last floor with an amazing view of the city (during the summertime this same location is a swimming pool). The cottage, called "Die Alm - Hüttenzauber in München", has very yummy food and drinks and is ideal for a nice lunch in the city. 

As you walk up the last floor to reach the Hütte, you find many lovely Bavarian decorations and fun pictures of skiing and mountain motifs.   


 And once you reach the top the view is spectacular. This is mainly due to one of the things that keeps Munich as it is: no building in the historic center of the city is allowed to be higher than the Frauenkirche, one of the symbols of Munich.


I have to admit that the menu was very limited, but the dishes that I tried were really good. The first dish is called Schwammerl mit Breznknödel (mushrooms with a creamy sauce and a bread dumpling) 

and for dessert, a classical Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesoße, one of my absolute favourites! 

Now this part is not very common to be up in a blog - the bathroom. But I absolutely had to take a picture of it! The bathroom (one floor down, it would be impossible to fit in the little cottage) is made with Japanese technology and with functions like "massage", "oscillating", "dryer"... I did not try them but I can tell you that the seat was warm! So great! And of course I did not have to touch anything - the toilet cover moves up as you approach and flushes automatically when you are done.